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Preloved Pricing Tips

So you're reselling some pieces in your closet, but aren't quite sure how to price them. You want to make some money, but also want the price to be compelling so customers make a purchase. Here are some helpful tips to consider to ensure the price is right.

1. Research!

  • Do a quick google search for similar preloved items or brands so you can make sure to align with similar items in the market.

2. Show Original Price

  • Preloved item prices typically should be LESS than the original price of the item even if it is new with tags. Customers do their research too! Showing the original price is important because it will show the buyer what a great discount they are getting for shopping preloved!

3. Exceptions

  • The only exceptions to the above would be one of a kind, rare, or vintage luxury items. These preloved items can often be more expensive than new items due to the unique and rare aspect of them.

4. Consider Wear

  • If the item has visible wear, this should also be taken into consideration. Customers are willing to purchase preloved items with visible wear if they can get it for a bargain.

5. Factor in Shipping

  • Remember the customer is paying for shipping, so this should also be taken into account when pricing an item. A compelling price may be $25 for your item, but ask yourself 'would it still be compelling with an additional $ in shipping'? Shipping rates can be viewed here.

Hope you found this article helpful! Prices can be edited at any time on Relovely. Now that you are an expert at pricing preloved items, read this article for Relovely selling tips.

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