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Relovely Buys Your Clothes!

Uploading your closet on our Relovely marketplace can be time consuming and we get it. We are now offering to buy your clothes outright, saving you precious time and room in your closet.

Request a FREE mail-in-kit with shipping label. Send in your items, and we will send you money for what we buy. Easy as that!

How It Works

  • Request your mail-in-kit here.

  • Sellers need to be Influencers, bloggers, and/or content creators. Must have a fashion-designated Instagram business account and/or blog.

  • If your submission is approved, we will send you a FREE mail-in-kit with shipping label to send your items.

  • Once we receive your submission in the mail, we will assess each item, and send you money for what we buy. What we don't buy, we will donate. If you would rather us send your items back to you, you can request them back for a $10 shipping and processing fee.

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