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Buyer + Seller FAQs

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Pricing, payment, commission fees, and more.

All your seller questions answered.

Please find answers to several FAQs below. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to us at for assistance. We welcome your questions and feedback. Relovely is here to help!

1. What is the commission fee?

When a sale is made, Relovely takes a small 10% commission fee. In addition to this, there is also a 2.9% secure transfer fee.

2. How does shipping work?

Buyers pay for shipping, then the seller can easily print the label, box the goods, and send it off! Shipping labels are USPS Priority Mail, so sellers can either use their own box, or a free USPS Priority Mail box if it fits!

Read more about Relovely shipping rates here.

3. How does payment work?

When a sale is made, the buyer will be charged, and the seller will get their funds in their bank account within 2-3 business days. The first sale may take up to 7 days to show up in a seller's bank account.

4. Is my information secure?

Yes. Your safety and security is a priority at Relovely. We aim to provide an elevated, trustworthy experience for both our shoppers and sellers.

As outlined in our Terms + Conditions and Privacy Policy, Relovely does not store your private information. It is encrypted and transmitted directly to our secure payment processor, Stripe. Stripe is trusted by millions of companies globally, as they utilize the best-in-class security tools and practices.

5. Are returns accepted?

Relovely does not accept returns at this time. If an item received is damaged or defective, or there are problems with an order, a dispute can be made in our help page. Please include order number and reason for disputing.

6. Can Relovely ship outside the US?

Relovely is currently only available in the US.

7. How do you become a seller?

Fashion Influencers must apply to sell and be approved. They are approved based on quality of content, followers and engagement, and they must have fashion or lifestyle designated Instagram business account and/or blog.

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