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Sustainability + Fashion

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The fashion industry's carbon impact is larger than the airline industry. YIKES. There are, however, ways to indulge in fashion responsibly. You guessed it, shopping preloved is a big one.

We all do our best to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible. When it comes to fashion, however, reducing our carbon footprint can be a challenge. The apparel and footwear industries are highly polluting, accounting for a significant chunk of global climate impact. This doesn’t mean we should ignore the need for a fresh wardrobe. There are many ways to reduce fashion’s carbon footprint — we can rent, repurpose, buy from sustainable brands, and our personal favorite, SHOP PRELOVED.

According to a post from @styledsustainable, on average, studies show garments are worn 7 to 10 times before being thrown away and eventually ending up in the landfill. Also, the average consumer only wears about 20% of their closet... Extend the life of your clothes and resell before tossing. Sell or donate what you don't wear, someone will love it.

“Relovely aims to build a community of influencer resellers that will provide an elevated, preloved shopping experience online and ultimately promote sustainable practices within the fashion and influencer industries.”

Relovely is a place where influencers can share their loved pieces with their followers, as well as swap finds with fellow influencers. Indulge in fashion without the guilt! Shop preloved.

Read more on how influencers can do their part to help save the planet here - a great article from Elle.

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